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Distributor Support for Labels & Packaging

Here at Labels & Decals, we believe in building mutually beneficial partnerships with all our distributors in Elgin, IL and elsewhere across North America. We’re here to support you so that you can make more sales. We prioritize your needs through continual support and consultation for a committed and connected experience. We value our customers first and foremost. That’s why it’s our job to make your job easier. As a distributor, you need direct support and solutions to your problems. We’re here to do just that. Our customer service team has over thirty years of experience working with brokers and distributors, offering customized solutions for any need.

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Deliver an Abundance of Options to Your Customers

We want to help you grow your business. When you collaborate with us, you’re a business partner and a part of our team. Our customer representatives get to know you and your business so that we can provide you with one-of-a-kind solutions to suit your needs. We do our best to provide a seamless experience to all our vendors. We can help with distribution challenges, samples, and more. With decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we can provide unmatched support throughout your engagement. Reach out any time, and we can assist you.

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Quality Service With Affordable Prices

We offer competitive prices and a quality guarantee. We prioritize our customers to give you the results you need with the experience you want. Our company works with all the major printing suppliers to offer you quality material at an affordable price. Reach out to a representative today for a custom quote. Our excellent customer service will help you find the best custom solution for your business. The following are some of the excellent tools we offer:

  • Graphic design services
  • Inventory management
  • Kitting services
  • Rush service
  • Joint sales calls
  • Consulting services

Here to Help You Thrive

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our high-quality digital and flexographic printing services are here to help your business seek new growth opportunities. We focus on building strong vendor and distributor relationships through cooperation and trust. With continual consultation alongside our excellent products and services, we help your business every step of the way. Our experienced team can provide the labeling and packaging products you need to promote your business effectively and efficiently. Let us prove we are a reliable label, tag, and specialty solutions source for your business needs.

Request a Quote

Contact us today at 800-253-3225 or for your custom quote.